About Chris

Local Board Member

Having just served a term on the local board I feel rewarded in knowing I helped make a difference.

I enjoy listening to the community, taking their thoughts on board and achieving outstanding outcomes for our youth and the older community.  

I strongly promote the flourishing of our town centres and local businesses, and worked to enhance our parks, playgrounds and sports fields. Traffic congestion and park and ride parking problems I will work to address, as well as securing our fair share of Council budget.

The last three years has been a tremendous learning experience for me, a kind of apprenticeship, giving me deeper insights into how I can work more effectively to achieve the communitie’s expectation.  I have really enjoyed working alongside the community, listening and responding to their ideas and needs.

It would be a pleasure to represent you for the next term.

Community Leader

Long involvement in local and wider community, in professional and voluntary capacity.

Experience and enjoyment working with a range of groups to make things happen.

Convenor of the Long Bay-Okura Great Park Society for past 6 years.

Leadership role in establishing the East Coast Bays Community House and Crèche, and other social services on the North Shore.

Leadership role in a parent support and education group for mothers with young children, with international award in recognition.

Passionate and dedicated

I have a love of the Bays. I’ve lived in the Bays for over 40 years, and am a mother of four adult children.

I believe that the community knows its own needs best. I have a deep interest in what makes the Bays good for you, and what you think would make it even better.

I am passionate about our environment so have taken a special interest in sedimentation, recycling and waste management. I have been an active supporter of our local environmental groups in their planting and pest-free programmes as well as stream restoration initiatives.  I take climate change issues seriously. 

Experienced and Qualified

Experience and ability to participate in planning meetings and manage public money at community and statutory level.

Effective member of number of local and national committees and boards over many years, eg, Long Bay College Board of Trustees; Raeburn House, a Primary Mental Health provider, a leader in community development with focus on mental and community wellbeing; For Youth Trust, a provider of successful programme for at risk youth; National executive of Aotearoa Community Workers Assn; Northcross Play Centre.

Government Department advisor and funder for social services relating to health, family support, disability, youth, housing and employment in the North Shore and Rodney districts.

Post graduate papers in Public Policy.

Recipient of Hibiscus and Bays Community Volunteers Award in 2013.

Community Leader

I have been a member of the Long Bay Okura Great Park Society executive committee for 16 years, seven as the Convenor. The Society successfully gained significant environmental protections with the residential development at Long Bay, which lead to over 19 hectares of land being added to the Long Bay Regional Park.

Over the past four years, the Society participated in the Auckland Unitary Plan process and was successful in halting residential development on the shores of the Okura Estuary, a significant part of a marine reserve.

The Society has worked closely alongside the Hibiscus and Bays Board and Council in its achievements. It has given me much insight in Local Board and Council workings, and how the Local Board can act as an intermediary between community and Council.

Authorised by: Chris Bettany, 2 Nor'east Drive, Northcross, Auckland 0632
email: chris@bettany.nz