Community Leader
Passionate and Dedicated
Experienced and Qualified
Community and Local Board

I am working hard to be a Hibiscus and Bays Local Board member you can be proud of. I have the experience needed for the job.

I work well with people, and can be trusted to do the job I commit myself to.

I care passionately about people and families, and that they can live safely and securely, that they have opportunity for suitable housing, work and recreation.

I care about the environment: our coast, open spaces, bushlands and residential spaces. I want to see my grandchildren grow up to be able to enjoy and respect the environment and I support initiatives to encourage this.


My priorities for the Bays Local Board
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  • Preserve the Bays shores and coastal character. This defines our Board area. Maintain the Rural Urban Boundary.
    • I was actively involved in Environment Court proceedings to successfully maintain the Rural Urban Boundary at Okura on the northern edge of the Bays division of our Local Board area, thus preventing sediment-laden run-off into the Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve..
    • Our local board has been very active in seeking (and gaining) measures to reduce discharge of sediment and contaminants to better ensure our beaches are clean and swimmable. Measures include rigorous stormwater discharge standards,
    • Stricter monitoring of building sites and larger developments
    • More education re stormwater requirements
    • Daylighting and restoration of the Taiaotea Stream
    • Restoration of Deep Creek (Waiake)
  • Promote environmental and business sustainability
    • I have actively supported our Board's ethos of environmental protection. I have regularly attended forum of the many environmental groups in our Local Board area restoring and enhancing our local park and bush areas, as well as our waterway
    • Supported the Whitebait Connections programme in Awaruku, Rothesay Bay Streams
    • Supported groups undertaking tree-planting and pest control in these areas.
    • Approved Bush Glen Concept plan
    • Approved Urban forest programme looking at where there may be areas more sparse of trees.
    • Supported developing a new Eco-neighbourhood programme
    • Supported value of water programmes in schools, including installation of rainwater catchment system
    • Waste reduction programmes in kindergartens and schools
    • Encouraged environmentally sustainable business network
    • Supported business waste reduction programme
    • Seeking establishment of a community recycling centre for the Bays
    • Installation sorting rubbish bins
  • Revitalise our town centres - Torbay, Browns Bay, Mairangi Bay - and local centres
    • Torbay Centre upgrade completed
    • Slow zone initiatives Torbay, Mairangi Bay and Browns Bay
    • Browns Bay and Mairangi Bay Centre upgrade plans approved for this coming term.
  • Provide more reserve and open space for recreation to cater for our increasing population.
    • New playground established at Long Bay.
    • New parks being established within Long Bay development area
    • Member of the Parks and Open Spaces working group compiling an inventory of all the parks in the local board area (over 300) and looking at the status and amenity value of each
    • Improved/established playgrounds eg, shade sails in children's playgrounds, calaesthenic equipment for some parks, upgrading BB skate park, Browns Bay pontoon, planning started for pontoon for launching kayaks at Deep Creek.
    • Initial planning for dog Park at Waiake
    • New toilets at Rock Isle Road (Waiake) and Campbells Bay
  • Advocate for improved transport services such as busway parking and feeder services. Investigate Browns Bay ferry.
    • Glenvar Road alignment to AT for more parking space at Albany bus station and more convenient bus services
    • Strongly advocated for more parking space at Albany Park and Ride Station
  • Boost small business growth with, eg tourism initiatives
    • Aware of parking problems at Browns Bay. Strongly opposed Auckland Council's sale of parking area outside New World. Support that new high-rise buildings have sufficient car parking amenities within their premises.
    • Supported events to support businesses in our town centres - Movies in the Park, Wine and Food Festival, Capetown to Cairo, Santa Parades, Shop Local campaigns.
    • Improved rubbish collections, street maintenance to keep attractive appearance around our smaller local centres
    • Business waste reduction initiatives
  • Housing - further intensification near our town centres but away from waterways
    • Active involvement in Environment Court decision that large housing development could not proceed in the Okura Marine Reserve catchment.
    • Supported appropriate intensification near transport hubs, but opposed to intensification in inappropriate places
  • Provide more training and job opportunities, especially for our youth.
    • Supported the ATeed Pop-Up Business School training programme
    • Supported youth leadership programmes
  • Promote cultural diversity and the arts.
    • Supported that a formal agreement between Local Board and mana whenua be established
    • Supported specific Maori consultation on Local Board plans
    • Supported more culturally specific programmes to cater for the diverse range of cultural groups in our community
    • Promoted wider range of sports activities which are enjoyed by range of ethnic groups
    • Funding for Mairangi Arts Centre -
    • Advocated for more equity in Council funding for Mairangii Arts Centre
  • Support sports and other interest groups
    • Support feasibility study for multi-sport facilities at Freyberg Park
    • Development of sports field at Deep Creek Reserve
  • Further resourcing of libraries
    • East Coast Bays Library is the busiest library in the whole of Auckland and has the most foot traffic of any facility in the Bays
    • Supported evening seminars.
  • Protect our heritage buildings.
    • An ex-officio member of the Vaughn Homestead management group
  • Extend walkways, bridle paths and cycleways
    • Lotus walkway reinstated - award winning engineering
    • Crows Nest walkway restoration approved
    • Centennial Park tracks and enhancements
    • Safety measures for cyclists on Browns Bay Road

Authorised by: Chris Bettany, 2 Nor'east Drive, Northcross, Auckland 0632
email: chris@bettany.nz