Community Leader
Passionate and dedicated
Experienced and qualified
Community, Local Board and Council

I work well with people, and can be trusted to do the job I commit myself to.

I care passionately about people and families, and that they can live safely and securely, that they have opportunity for suitable housing, work and recreation.

I care about the environment: our coast, open spaces, bushlands and residential spaces. I want to see my grandchildren grow up to be able to enjoy and respect the environment and I support initiatives to encourage this.

I am working hard to be a Hibiscus and Bays Local Board member you can be proud of.


My priorities for the Bays Local Board

  • Preserve the Bays shores and coastal character. This defines our Board area. Maintain the Rural Urban Boundary.
  • Promote environmental and business sustainability.
  • Revitalise our town centres – Torbay, Browns Bay, Mairangi Bay - and local centres.
  • Provide more reserves and open space for recreation to cater for our increasing population.
  • Advocate for improved transport services such as Busway parking and feeder services. Investigate Browns Bay ferry.
  • Boost small business growth with, eg, tourism initiatives.
  • Housing – further intensification near our town centres, but away from waterways.
  • Provide more training and job opportunities, especially for our youth.
  • Promote cultural diversity and the arts.
  • Support sports and other interest groups.
  • Further resourcing of libraries.
  • Protect our heritage buildings.
  • Extend walkways, bridle paths and cycleways.

Authorised by: Chris Bettany, 2 Nor'east Drive, Northcross, Auckland 0632